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2nd Quarter Estimated Payments Are Due June 16, 2014!

Posted by Admin Posted on June 13 2014

A quick reminder, that the next estimated tax payment is due on June, 16, 2014.

What is an estimated tax payment?

  • They are projected payments you make to the IRS toward your upcoming year’s tax liability.

Why do I have to pay estimates?

  • The IRS requires you to pay estimated tax payments if you expect to owe the US Treasury more than $1000 over your wage & personal withholding

If you make estimated payments to the IRS, you should take a moment to mark your calendars with the dates below.

April 15, 2014...............1st Quarterly Payment

June 16, 2014................2nd Quarterly Payment

September 15, 2014......3rd Quarterly Payment

January 15, 2015...........4th Quarterly Payment    

 For our Snow2 CPA clients! Your payment vouchers, if you have not already found them, are located in the grey envelope you received from us upon the completion of your tax return. They have all the necessary information, including due dates, address, amount due and even a pre-labeled envelope for your convenience.

We would be happy to assist on any questions on your estimates or help calculate your payments if you think you may be required to pay.

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